Adel Dam & Scarborough

Although these days I don’t have as much spare time as I used to, I try to explore the coast and nature reserves in Yorkshire any time I can. I mostly look out for birds and other wildlife and I’m usually rewarded with some pretty interesting sighting!

Adel Dam Nature Reserve is a small gem on the outskirts of northern Leeds. Situated next to Golden Acre park, it’s mainly composed of woodland and wetland. There are a couple of hides from where you are almost certainly guaranteed to see kingfishers and other aquatic birds. I’ve also seen various birds of prey (red kites, buzzards, sparrowhawks) and rabbits in the fields.

Scarborough is known for being a seaside resort, therefore most people wouldn’t expect it to be a “wild” place. I like to think that if you have a trained eye, wildlife can be spotted virtually anywhere.

Strolling along the town’s harbour turned out to be a bit challenging due to the amount of people, but in a single afternoon I managed to see a few seabirds – including a very confident cormorant – and a beautiful harbour porpoise!

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